Certificate and Exam


Our courses are held according to the language levels determined by The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages; communicative and learner-centered education is carried out in these courses.

Courses and certificates are structured in three levels:
A1 – A2 (Basic User),
B1 – B2 (Independent User) and
C1 – C2 (Proficient User).
Courses are taught by fully qualified experts.

A certificate is awarded to course attendees who are able to complete Basic, Independent and Proficient levels. A Turkish Proficiency Test is held for the students who want to get a grade for their Turkish Grammar.

Turkish Proficiency Exam

The Turkish Proficiency Exam prepared by Istanbul Yeni Yuzyil University Turkish Teaching Practice and Research Center(YUTOM) consists of four main skill areas, namely Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking. Exam results are evaluated according to the European Language Portfolio:

A1-A2 (Elementary)
B1-B2 (Intermediate)
C1-C2 (Advanced)

Whether or not the exam result is sufficient depends on the institution applied for but generally A1 and A2 is insufficient for university entrance. Intermediate and Advanced levels are valid in all universities in Turkey.

Exam result documents can be received on the next working day after the exam date.

Documents required for the exam
-Photocopy of your passport
-Bank receipt showing that the exam fee has been paid (150 Turkish Lira). This fee is deducted from the course fee upon enrolment at Istanbul Yeni Yuzyil University.

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