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Documents required for registration

(1) Accepted candidates must register with the Student Affairs Department in person, with the documents announced by the University and within the specified dates.

(2) During registration, candidates must present the originals of the documents they have submitted for the application, the originals of the documents with translations and the following additional documents to the registration office:

(3) If any, original of the official exam results related to exams equivalent of university entrance exam (SAT, YÖS etc…) taken within the last 2 years, certified by Turkish Embassy or Turkish Consulate in their countries, or high school graduation exams (Arbitur, International Baccalaureate, GCE, Tawjihi etc.) certified by Higher Education Council.

(4) The original of a high school diploma or temporary graduation certificate

a) Original of the "Equivalence Document" to be received from the Ministry of National Education indicating that the high school diploma is equivalent to the diploma from Turkish high school.

b) "Study permitted visa’’ taken from the Turkish Consulate in the countries of the foreign nationals residing abroad (or from the nearest one if not in their country).

c) 2 passport size photos in the size of 4.5 x 6 taken from the front within the last six months.

d) Document showing that the tuition fee has been paid.

Turkish Proficiency Level

(1) The level of Turkish Language of the students is determined according to the score of the Turkish test score, the results of the Turkish exam, which will be made by the Center for the Teaching of Turkish for Foreigners.

(2) Students who are enrolled in programs with a language of instruction fully or partly in Turkish are required to certify their proficiency in Turkish.

(3) The Turkish Proficiency Certificate is not required for those who have completed secondary education in a secondary education institutions where the citizens of that country study at, in a country where the official language is Turkish, in at least the last three years.


Level A: Turkish language level is adequate, may begin to study.

Level B: The language of instruction is sufficient to start Turkish programs, but there are obligations to advance Turkish as they continue their education.

Level C: Turkish is inadequate. The language of education is insufficient to start programs that are in Turkish. They will be obliged to learn Turkish for a year before starting their studies. This period is not counted during the education period. Students who score on the intermediate level (B) or above, taken from the Turkish proficiency exam that will be done by YÖTÖM at the beginning of the next academic year, or from exam centers accredited by TÖMER or the Council of Higher Education, may start learning.

English Proficiency Level

(1) Students who apply to the departments that have compulsory foreign language preparatory classes at our university (except those with English proficiency test, TOEFL, IBT: 60, CBT: 142, PBT: 461, IELTS: 5,5) will take the Foreign Language Proficiency Exam which will be done by our university. Students who can not pass the exam are educated in preparatory class for one year and if successful ,they are registered for first class.

Education-Training Regulation

(1) Foreign students are subject to the provisions of the "İstanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University Associate Degree and Undergraduate Education-Examination and Examination Regulations" concerning their education and training.

Note: Additional documents may be requested by the university other than the documents mentioned above.