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How to Apply?

(1) Candidates must submit the following documents at the time of application. If these documents which the applicant offers, are in languages other than Turkish, they must be accompanied by authentic Turkish translations along with the originals.

a. Online Application Form

b. Result certificate of any of the examinations / diplomas stated in the application conditions

c. High school diploma with notarial or consular certified copy in English or Turkish of high school graduate candidates (status of education received from their schools for graduate students on the application date)

d. Foreign Student Examination (YÖS) Examination Result Document or the original or certified copy of the document mentioned in the "List of National or International Level Examination or Diploma Types and Scores to be Accepted" on the 5 items in the application conditions.

e. Official Transcript (Grade Status Document). Applicants will show the courses and grades they have received in high school certified by the High School Directorate.)

f. Proof of applicants' proficiency in Turkish and / or English

g. Photocopy of the page on the passport where the image and identification information is presented

h. 4 photos

i. Pre-registration fee receipt

(2) Due to the amendments made by the Council of Higher Education on the acceptance of students from abroad, additional documents may be required where deemed necessary.

(3) If the candidate is found to be irregular in his / her documents, the acceptance decision is cancelled even if the student has been accepted. Even if the student is enrolled in the university, the registration is considered invalid.

Note: After the online application is made, the application documents must be sent to the university. Only transcripts from the transmitted documents must be original. Copies of other documents can be sent. Documents are archived and are not returned. Students without official transcripts / transcripts will not be considered for applications.

Types of exam, base scores and diplomas required for application

(1) Applicants who hold national or international examinations or diploma types and scores may apply. Senate decision may add new exams and acceptance criteria.

(2) There are no limitations on the validity period of exams (Abitur, International Baccalaureate, GCE, Tawjihi etc.) which are in the status of high school final examinations. The validity period of exams (SAT, etc.) that are in the status of university entrance exam is two years.

(3) The types of national or international examinations or diplomas to be admitted and their scores are listed on the list in the Directive.

(4) Candidates who do not have the types of exams or diplomas specified, applicants who have a high school graduation grade of 60% or above are accepted.

(5) Foreign nationals who do not have the following documents may be admitted to the Istanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University within the quota, with the Examination for Foreign Students (YÖS) to be made by a committee formed by Istanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University Senate.

Evaluation of Applicants:

(1) The evaluations and acceptance of foreign students who applied are assessed by the Student Admissions Committee from abroad established by the Senate within the time limits set forth in the academic calendar. The committee consists of at least one faculty member / officer selected by the Chief of the Rector responsible for the Student Affairs Department (Commission President), the Head of the Student Affairs Department and the Dean / Manager of the relevant Faculty / Schools in which the application was made.

(2) The university is free for filling/not filling the vacancy.

(3) Providing the application conditions does not mean acceptance for placement.

(4) Nominal and substitute candidates deemed suitable for admission are determined. As a result of evaluation, other preferences of a candidate who is placed as a noble or substitute, are not taken into consideration.

(5) The evaluation of applications made to higher education programs that receive students with special talent exams is carried out according to the special talent examination criteria of the relevant program.

Announcement of pre-application results

(1) The applicant is informed by the International Student Office via the University web page and by the applicant via the e-mail address provided at the time of application.

(2) Candidates who have accepted the application and started the registration process and prepayment will be sent an "Acceptance Letter" by the Student Affairs Office to take a "Study Permitted Visa".


(1) Foreign nationals residing abroad need to take acceptance letter and study permitted visa from cosulate of Turkey in their country.

(2) In the documents required by the university for visa and residence permits, the generalities of the foreign students of the authorized public institutions shall be taken as basis.